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Have recently returned from a trip to Thailand, the highlight of which was a trip up country with Rod Beattie to Songkurai camp where my great uncle Albert Charles Darvell died as a POW of the Japanese.

We followed the route of F Force all the way from Ban Pong to the camp at Songkurai and then went on to Three Pagoda Pass the border with Myanmar.

For me the trip was special and unique thanks to Rod's knowledge of the railway and years of research into the POW's and their fate.


How amazing that I could visit the cemetery where Albert was originally buried and lay flowers and family photographs. I have fulfilled what my father and grandfather would wish to have done.


If any of your families had POW relatives and been unable to go to Songkurai to see the camp for themselves, I am happy to forward on more pictures of the camp and surrounding area.


Patricia de Tisi - patriciadetisi@btinternet.com



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